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Money isn't the Problem, You are.

From the book by Gary Douglas: You don't have a money problem, you have a receiving problem... With all the changes in the world, many are stuck in fear about creating money. Lost jobs, lost income streams, world quarantine, lots of road blocks. "Normal business" isn't the same, and changes must be made to continue growing. Rather than get stuck in the problem, we can use the magical tools of Access Consciousness to increase receiving and create greater, without the stress, force, and effort (that really doesn't work anyway.) Tool of the Month: Ask, "What else is possible for me to choose, that I've never considered before?" Asking this question will open you up to possibilities that would not exist if you didn't ask. It seems simple, too easy, I know. But what if it works? Are you willing to be the magical creator of new possibilities? Think it's not possible? Then you're right, and you can't. Curious about this weird, magical way of creation? That's the first step. This month's Expand Your Reality zoom calls are about money, clearing our hidden points of view, and out-creating ourselves. What is money, to you? What is your reality with money? Would you be willing to receive it from any source, any direction? Would you like to increase money flows in your life? Join us ! Warning: These calls are a deep dive, only choose them if you have the courage and desire to expand your reality.

Join for this call series only,

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