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Turn up your Sparkle

Personal Styling, Wardrobe Editing & Interior Design

Personal Styling, Wardrobe editing, & Interior design, is a total makeover possibility that is energetically congruent with who you are and what you'd like to show up like in the world.

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Try on a new look

Not based on labels or rules, these sessions are about you truly being you, and bringing out your inner glow. 

What would it be like to have no judgment of you or your body? From this space, finding pieces that feel great and look even better, is easy! Let's work together on gaining clarity of what would allow you to sparkle!

Wardrobe Editing

Sometimes we just need to clear out some space to see what we really like, or what we can add, to have a closet that makes you smile each day. It's easier with the help from someone who can hold the space for you. I'll also share some of my secret tools that makes this process faster than you can imagine!

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Interior Design

Years ago I was inspired by my mentor to let go of all the furnishings that I didn't truly love. Only adding in new pieces that bring you joy! When you do this your home can be your sanctuary; nurturing, inspiring, and comfortable for you. Let's find out what your unique style is, and update your home so that it reflects what's true for you.

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