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Access Sessions

If you are considering working with me to assist your transformation, a "Possibilities Session" is the place to begin.  We will talk about your particular challenges, see if it feels like a good fit to work together. Click below to answer a brief questionnaire and then schedule your session.

FREE Possibilities Session

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Transformational Coaching

Desiring to change something?

Access verbal facilitation combined with tools for awareness & energetic treatments, can change

just about anything.

Personal Transformation

Couples Therapy

Breakup / Dating Coaching


Book a Possibilities Session to begin

Choose your session...

Shades of White Stone


Access Bars

Light touch energetic treatment that clears mind chatter, stress,

& melts trauma.

Relax and receive the space of

clarity & possibilities.

Save on multiple sessions.

*These sessions must be in person.


Energetic Facelift

An amazing hands on process that creates dynamic change in the color, texture, elasticity of the skin, and adds a youthful glow.   

You will see results instantaneously, and the molecules will continue shifting for days after the treatment. 

Save on packages, schedule as desired. 10-15 sessions will totally transform your cellular structure to reverse the signs of aging.  


*These sessions must be in person.


Spirit Mediumship

Do you have someone you'd like to connect with? A person or pet?

As a Sprit Medium, I can facilitate this connection with you.


Let's meet via Zoom from the comfort of your home, and see what's possible.


MTVSS Immune System

This anti-aging process boosts the immune system & encourages your entire body to relax and rejuvenate. It helps release toxins and stress, allowing the body to build and maintain

good health & wellness. 

Click to schedule.

Shades of White Stone


Breakup Coaching

Do you know your relationship is no longer working for you? What choices do you have as you navigate these waters of change? 

Allow me to facilitate ease in this area with a specialized package of  sessions.


Click Possibilities Session to begin.


Dating Coaching

Is it time to add someone wonderful to your life? What are the tips and tools you could use to navigate the world of dating? Allow me to facilitate ease in this area with a specialized package of  sessions.

Click possibilities session to begin


Access Abuse Hold

Access has created an amazing possibility in unlocking and dissipating abuse from the body. If you are ready to let go, this session can create miracles.


Click the Possibilities Session to begin.

* These sessions must be in person


Symphony of Possibilities

Science says that Energy is the basis of all things. 

Change the energy, and you change realities--physical, mental and emotional. 


In these magical Symphony of Possibilities (SOP) sessions, we play with the energies, melting stuck places, and expanding others, to create miraculous sparkling change in your life and future living.

Click for more info & to schedule.

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