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Talk to the Entities with Julie

Spiritual medium

What would inclusion of the Spirit world add to your life?

This workshop is one of the greatest ways to learn tools for awareness and strengthen your trust & intuition.
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How I realized I had mediumship abilities 

As early as I can remember I always knew magic was possible. Growing up in the 70’s there were popular tv shows about magic; I Dream of Jeannie, and Bewitched. I would secretly play games to increase my knowing and telepathy skills. My intuitive sense was one I leaned on much more than other people seemed to.


The phrase "every cloud has a silver lining" is something I learned as a child and believe to be true. My older brother was in a fatal motorcycle accident, just before his 31st birthday. This devastating incident was a catalyst for my stepping greater into these intuitive abilities.


Jeff was 1.5 years my senior.  We were very close as young kids, but there grew a distance after high school.  Living in San Francisco after college, I could sense the struggle in his world — from all the way across the country! I kept trying to reach out, to entice him to come visit California, to make different, healthier choices. 


One night I was practicing a new breathing / meditation technique and received a message from one of our childhood friends who had crossed over years before. Our good friend David. He said to me, "Call Jeff.“ 


I asked," now?" It was 10pm in SF, 1 am in Boston. (I thought he would either be asleep or working in the ambulance.)


“Yes, now!” said David.  I made the call. 


Jeff picked up on the second ring. “Julie? What are you doing calling me now, and how did you know I’d be home?”


“I didn’t,” I said. 


”I was driving in the ambulance and had to make a pit stop and since we were close to the house … I just walked in and the phone rang.”


“Well, this might sound weird but I have a message for you… from David. He wanted me to call you — now. He wants me to help you.” 


We talked only for a few minutes, I gave him a mantra, asked him to please use it. Then we hung up. 


A few months later I was particularly anxious all morning, and didn’t know why. That afternoon I got a call about the accident, and that Jeff was in the hospital on life support. I quickly booked a redeye flight to Boston, went home and packed, hoping for a miracle. 


When I got to my seat on the plane I was so agitated/anxious and uncomfortable that I closed my eyes and started the breathing/meditation technique again to calm down. 


All of a sudden this peace and calm came over me. I could feel Jeff’s presence, and could clearly communicate telepathically with him. 


I was like “Jeff? Are you ok? What happened? 


He started showing me a movie, like a download, of what had happened from his eye’s perspective. He had been racing around a curve in downtown Boston, swerved to miss an emerging car that was coming out of a parking space, as well as trying to avoid the oncoming streetcar on his left. He braked hard, the car clipped his motorcycle, he flew over the handlebars, helmet flew off, and he landed on his head. He was was out several feet in front of his body, and turned back to see the smashed bike, his body… and said “oh fuck.” (I could sense that he almost didn’t recognize it was his body.)


We talked some more, it felt like he was inside my head. His voice was familiar yet I didn’t hear it with my ears. I wanted to know what it was like, how he could be here with me over 3000 miles away, and so much more.


He said he felt no pain. 


He told me that if any of us thought of him, he would immediately be there. 


It was so cool. It confirmed everything I knew and believed in, but had yet to experience.


It was so peaceful communicating with him. 


When our conversation was over, I thought he went back to his body. I felt so calm. I thought he was just having an out of body experience, and that he would be fine when I arrived in Boston at 6am. 


Upon arrival I checked my voicemail. There was a call from the hospital. They had unplugged his life support and he actually died at the time of my flight takeoff. Exactly when I was perceiving the anxiety, and started communicating with him… from the beyond.


I was shocked, so sad for the loss of my brother… and tears welled up, even though I knew we had communicated and felt him with me. It was confusing. His spirit was still here, he was relieved, out of pain, and lighter than he had been in years.


How can I think he’s gone if he was still here? This is where my understanding of the 2 distinct entities, of a body and a being, I learned to be true. And in the acknowledgment of truth came an inner strength.


When I met up with my sister and mom, I took us to the intersection that I “saw" in the download. While I tried to explain how I knew where to go, there was some skepticism and disbelief, until we found broken red bits of his motorcycle on the street. We stood huddled together and told Jeff we loved him and said a prayer. 


Still thinking I was kind of crazy and not sure what to believe, mom was looking for his wallet, his suit, and some other belongings that couldn’t be found. She said, “Ask Jeff where they are?!”


I did my exercise and got a name, “who’s Zeek?” I asked. 


My sister said, “oh my God, how do you know that name? That’s the thug Jeff used to hang out with.” 


Little by little they started to believe me, that I was truly communicating with Jeff. 


About 10 years later, in 2003, I was introducted to Access Consciousness, and learned to strengthen my awareness with practical tools that anyone can use. It was awesome, so easy to use, empowering, and gave me access to greater abilities than I had thought possible. I soon became a certified facilitator to share this amazing, ever growing, personal development work.


Back then, there was a small section on communicating with spirits. Over the years this has grown into a specialty series called Talk to the Entities, of which I became a certified facilitator.


Sharing these tools, empowering people to know that they too can step into greater awareness, communication, and magic, has been so gratifying. I love perceiving the shift from contraction/worry/fear to expansion/peace/joy! 


If you know someone who is seeking a different possibility, someone who might be struggling with anxiety, fear, sadness, etc., please share this. There are simple practical tools that can change literally anything that keeps us struggling — and know that the choice to use them is up to each one of us! 


What else is truly possible?


Communicating with departed Loved Ones

Private Sessions

Do you have someone you'd like to connect with? A person or pet? Let's meet via Zoom from the comfort of your home, and see what's possible.

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Angels and departed spirits
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