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Expanding beyond the thinking mind...

Do you like Monday mornings?

Many people begin to get grumpy even on Sunday afternoons... being aware that Monday is just around the corner. Without disrupting your entire life, what else is possible to ease that grumpiness?

What can you add to your day to make it more enjoyable and more fun for you?

Are you choosing in the direction that makes you happy? If not, what else can you choose? Can you add in some things that are fun to look forward to... or can you try another direction?

It's not about figuring it out. Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness, has often said, "if you're thinking, you're stinking." There is a different possibility available if you can move beyond the thinking mind. Your awareness can be your greatest compass. It's about being willing to notice the things that make you happy, feel lighter, more enthusiastic, and adding in more of that.

One of my favorite ways to move beyond the thinking mind is to Expand. Expand into the spaces, places, and energies that do bring you joy, even if you don't know what that is yet. Let's practice together.

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