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How to run Access Bars® on yourself

How are things in your world? More peaceful, spacious, and light? Or are you having crunchy, tension, and difficulties showing up? In either case, getting your Bars run is one of the greatest acts of self care and kindness we can do for our bodies!

In talking with people all over the world about the Access Bars®, many have said there is no one nearby to trade with... Don't give up! Keep asking for people to show up in your life to practice and trade with, AND here is another option: Run your own Bars.

How do you run Access Bars on yourself?


• Lie down with your arms propped with pillows and pick a few Bars points to run.

• Sit at your desk or in the car and run your Aging Toaster.

Even if it's just for a few minutes, the relief will be long lasting!

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