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Expanding in the face of difficulties

How do you deal with difficult situations, difficulties with people, or even going to the mall at holiday time?! There are lots of situations that are uncomfortable. Rather than approach the situation with past experience, and those old points of view of how hard it is, what if you were to simply be present and expand?

What I've found, is that when you expand, no matter what is going on, everything becomes easier to handle. Expanding creates more space, more "wiggle room" for other possibilities to show up. That's what we are inviting when we expand our being, more space and more possibilities.

So have a listen to the video here, and expand with us, and see for yourself what it creates!

Join my Expand: Space to Unwind Facebook group and have the option to join us live every Monday morning at 10am pst. All the replays are in the group as well, so if you missed it, you can always review as it works for you.

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