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Becoming familiar with s p a c e...

Do you enjoy space? Or are you more familiar with filling up space? How much space do you allow in your day, in your calendar, in your body... ? Do you always try to fill the space? I know I did. I would stack my calendar. There was rarely any space for surprises to show up. Contraction, pressure, and stress are more often the energies we use to create our lives. This is what most of us grew up with, and it feels familiar. Thanks to Covid we have all had the opportunity for a reset. Recently I closed my retail boutique, which has expanded space in my calendar dynamically! I've also attended some Access Body workshops and created more space in my body. It feels very different, unfamiliar... yet I know it is opening up greater possibilities.

At first, space can be uncomfortable. It can feel empty, wrong, or boring. You may even feel like you don't know what to do. What if that's not actually true? I allowed myself to relax into the new space and began asking questions... What else is possible? What would I truly like to create next? What's emerging from these questions is something I've always desired to create but hadn't yet fully chosen; Gemstone Reading sessions and custom designing high end jewelry pieces for customers that match the beauty of their being. It's added such a fun and exciting energy to my life! I've already created a few pieces and am enthusiastic about having more people choose this! You're invited to join me for a FREE Gemstone Reading intro tomorrow, Friday April 23 @ noon pst. Expanding gives you an opportunity to become familiar with space, and recognize that when you have space, the magic of the Universe can contribute to you! Play with and practice expanding, and let me know what magic shows up for you?!

Once you become familiar with space, then you're ready to start choosing and creating with ease! I hope you'll join me in an upcoming Zoom call or workshop. What might be possible for you if you do?

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