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Are those thoughts in your head YOURS?

Have you been told you're sensitive? Do you get caught up in other people's drama easily? Do you have a sense of YOU when you are around others?

The tool this month is "Who does this belong to?!"

It's probably not the first time you heard this question, but have you ever used it for 3 consecutive days?


You are like a satellite dish, receiving information from all over-- not just your family and neighbors. What if you are aware of thoughts, feelings and emotions in a radius of 8 - 8,000 miles? Or an even greater distance? When you question those thoughts, feelings and emotions, you will begin to see how many of them are actually picked up by your incredible awareness!

"Who does it belong to?" allows you to begin to shift the automatic response system of thinking everything is yours.


How do you use this tool? You start by asking who does this belong to to every thought, feeling or emotion, for 3 consecutive days. Not an easy feat, but highly worth the effort. There is even an app that you can download for FREE to assist you in the process. If the thoughts lighten up, or go away, they were not yours. You were simply aware of them. You can return them to sender with consciousness attached. Anything you bought as yours, that wasn't, you can POC & POD.

After using the tool for 3 days you will sense more peace and quiet in your head. When an awareness comes in, you won't automatically buy it as yours. There will be a renewed sense of freedom, space, and strength in your awareness.

Try it. Let me know how it works for you?



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