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A NEW Reality of Possibilities!

We have changed tracks! Have you noticed that everything seems different in an inexplicable way? Have you noticed how quickly the Earth has reset? As well, how quickly OUR choices are actualizing? Have you embraced this new Reality of Possibilities? When you ask a question, you actually create possibilities with so much more ease than ever before. Questions actually create your future. Tool of the Month: Practice asking questions until you become the question! Catch yourself when you go into doubt... What is truly possible, that you don't think is possible, that if you allowed for the possibilities, would actualize everything you truly desire with total ease, joy, and glory, that you can't possibly imagine it?! Be aware when you go into negative thinking, doubt, and old habit patterns, ...and STOP it! Ask, "What else is possible? What else can I choose?" And then say the mantra of Access Consciousness: All of life comes to us with ease, joy, and glory! What if now is the time to create YOUR reality of ease, joy and glory?

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