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What if effort isn't what creates?

I used to stress about creating and expanding my business, especially before an event or show.  I would get all tense, contracted, with a million "to do" thoughts racing in my head... 

When I came across the tools of Access consciousness I realized that there is a different way to create.  With EASE, JOY, and GLORY!

Have you learned that creation comes from thinking, trying, and lots of effort?  Would you be interested in a totally different way of creating? 

There is an ease in the relaxation of receiving. Gentle requests, playing with the energy, and lowering your barriers to receiving. This allows the creations that you have put into the Universe to show up in your world, as if by magic. 

The tricky part is keeping your mind out of the way.

After participating in the Access Consciousness Energy Pull Summit, a new creation popped into my awareness.  Create while you sleep - energy pulls at night.

When the mind is out of the way, you the Being, are free to play!

Relaxation of Receiving

Playing with these energy pulls at night has been especially helpful in letting go of the mind, and creating beyond this reality.  

At the late evening hours and early morning hours there is less mind chatter and activity. I wanted to see how this might create easier expansion and receiving of the energy pulls.  

So I began to play with pulling energy on my own before I went to sleep, and I noticed how much deeper and more restful my body felt in the morning, as well as how quickly things that I was asking for showed up.  

Just before sleeping, if you play with these energies, your mind doesn't have a chance to get in the way or undo what you have just created. It seems to exponentialize the energies of creation!  And it adds a calmness to the next day.

Click to download and listen to a sample of one of my energy pulls.

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