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Do you allow your joy to shine?

Do you allow your enthusiasm to flow?


The other day a little girl came in my boutique with her parents. They told her, "Don't touch anything in here!"

Those of you who know me, know that I invite and encourage all people to touch and try on my jewelry –– even kids!  So hearing their harsh command and watching her little body stay frozen, shut off, and not receiving, made me sad.

I tried to invite her to interact and play with me... and wondered what happened to her?  When did she squelch her joy and enthusiasm?  

Allowing Joy to shine and enthusiasm to flow is something I've been looking at recently.  Was I an exuberantly joyful child?  When did I squelch that energy? I've been asking questions about what it would take to stop holding back and for them to emerge and grow. 

Who's reality was I validating with the reserved composure I was choosing?

What would it be like to unleash the joy within?

What would it take to radiate joy without holding back?

Do you allow your joy & enthusiasm to flow?!

Tool: Tap into your Joy and enthusiasm.  What energy space and consciousness can I be to be the joy and enthusiasm for living that I truly be with total ease?

Play with this and let me know what you're creating?!  I love hearing from you.  

Let me know how else I can contribute to you!

xo, Julie

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