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As 2022 winds down...

When you ponder the last 12 months, what gifts of gratitude can you have for you? No matter what occurred this year, what if none of it was wrong? Sometimes our choices don't lead us to where we want to go. What if that isn't wrong? When we come out of the wrongness, we are able to make changes, and we find the gift of awareness.

Many of you know that I let go of my retail boutique last year. While having the freedom to travel was fun, over the months my jewelry business was slowing down rather than growing. I realized I was missing having the space to create in, as well as invite people to experience my jewelry, art & sessions. Letting go of the lease wasn't wrong. Something needed to change. I am grateful for that choice. I had a nice break of the daily retail pace, and was able to travel the world. Then a new awareness opened up: One of my favorite things is creating beautiful spaces! So now I'm looking into those possibilities.

What other choices can you make that would navigate towards your true desires?

What elements of what did show up can you be grateful for?

Gratitude also creates more of what you are grateful for. So when a tiny trickle of possibility shows up, be grateful, and it will grow into a larger flowing stream of possibilities. What would you like to choose and create for 2023?


With gratitude, no judgment can exist.

Allow gratitude to melt any judgment/wrongness that you might have.

Take a few moments and dive into deeper gratitude for the things you've chosen, and for what has shown up.

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