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Are you Being the Magic of YOU?

Remember that whatever you decide, you can't see any other possibility? If you ask a question, however, and are willing to be in curiosity, new doors open up that had not existed before. It's like magic... It actually is YOU being the magic of You. Can you recall a recent struggle? Get the energy of it. Everything seems solid and unchangeable, right? Kind of heavy and frustrating... even might make you angry. Now, let's play with being the magic of you: Ask, "What else is possible?" Let the question go, let it expand out into the universe. "What else is possible?" Breathe... "What else is possible?" When you ask a question and let it expand you are engaging with the Universe and changing future possibilities. You may also feel the heaviness lighten up, and your body relax. Keep being in the question, no conclusions...

Play with it and let me know what magic you are creating?!

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