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A Rainbow of Possibilities

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Everything in this reality is black & white. You are either right or wrong, good or bad. Trying to get this reality right puts you into judgment, makes you feel small, contracted, and limited.

Have you always known that more is possible than meets the eye? Like a rainbow of possibilities, that you can perceive but not touch? As I started applying the tools of Access Consciousness to my life, I began to realize how much larger my reality could be, and is. (And hopefully you are too!)

As you expand your being, your awareness grows, possibilities multiply, and you are able to create a world of color as if by magic. A rainbow of possibilities is beyond the limitations of this black & white reality.

When we try to understand someone or something, try to figure something out, or when we get triggered, we contract back to having a finger, a toe, or a foot, in this reality. It snaps us back. It feels normal, familiar, solid, and real. So how do you find space and possibilities again?

Tool: Ask, " What beyond this reality Energy, Space, & Consciousness (ESC) and choices can I be to have 2 feet in a reality of possibilities for all eternity?

Will you continue to explore the reality of possibilities? It is not available for everybody, but it is for You! You wouldn't be reading this if somewhere, perhaps deep inside, you didn't know that there is something else possible. It's your choice!

You can continue to choose a reality of possibilities with both feet in. You can you let go of feeling eternally stuck with the limitations of black & white, right & wrong, and the contraction that seems so real. Haven’t you always known that something else is possible?! Can you keep asking the question and see what rainbows of possibilities begin to show up…?

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