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What would you like to create in 2021?!

Happy Holidays!

It's hard to believe it's already nearing the end of the year... a what a year 2020 was! Now, more than ever, using the tools of consciousness makes a perceptible difference in creating a joyful living. Even during a pandemic, you can choose to have ease, joy and glory! What have you noticed as you put these tools into practice? Is your stress level lower than most others? Do you have more allowance? Are you finding it's easier to Be in Question? (I'm finding it's almost impossible to go to conclusion because so much of the future is unknown.)

And if you've been struggling, I wonder what might be possible with a refresher of the tools? Even simply receiving an Access Bars session can melt away so much angst, upset and fear of the unknown. The effects of a session can last days and even weeks! (Email me if you'd like a session.) Or check out my new intro Zoom hour on for several tools you can implement for immediate relief.