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What's your Access Bars® story?

I first found Access through my chiropractor in 2003 when I went to get an adjustment for neck pain. He asked me what’s a pain in the neck? Ugh, all this energy came up... then he said the magical words of the Access clearing statement, and all of the pain dissipated instantaneously. It was so remarkable that I needed to find out more, so I started going to his monthly Clarity Nights, where he shared more tools and clearings. My life started changing, and I wanted more! People kept asking what I was doing different and why I looked younger than before.

At this point there was no such thing as a Bars class, only Foundation & Level One. Early in 2004 I took the Foundation class. On the afternoon of Day 1 we were given a one page head chart of the Bars points and instructed to make sure we touch all of the points. It was confusing. I was part of a three-some group to run Bars, as we were an uneven attendance.

I didn’t really get how amazing the Bars process was that weekend. However, there was one participant, who was repeating the workshop, who mentioned he liked to trade bars three times a week. That struck me, so I committed to trying it out myself. I created a weekly trade on Wednesday nights for people to come join at my house, and also traded a couple other times with my husband each week. Everything in my life started getting easier, I had more energy, and was happier.

Noticing that my friends who I brought to Access weren’t really learning the Bars points or getting their gift, I asked Gary if I could teach a Bars class. He said yes! So I got 4 friends together and taught the first Bars class in San Francisco.

Soon after that, Bars was taken out of the foundation manual, and made a prerequisite for the Foundation class. <3

I still host weekly Bars trades on Wednesday nights! 16 years and going! So grateful for Gary & Dain and what they have created for all of us to access with Access Consciousness.

What is your Access Bars® story? Would you be willing to share? If so, go to

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