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What Potency Can You Be?

When you are in an uncomfortable situation, what potency can you be to change it? What if you didn't have to be at the effect of the world, what if you could be the change that creates something different?

On my way home from the SOP (Symphony of Possibilities) workshop in Houston a couple weeks ago, my flight was delayed and I arrived in San Francisco around 1:30am.

Uber pricing surged to over $110 and I wan't sure where to get picked up, so I chose a taxi, which was supposed to be a $90 flat rate.

In the taxi a few minutes away from the airport, the driver tried to manipulate me into paying a higher price. It was uncomfortable, I just wanted to get out and get an Uber the rest of the way home.

In my head I was saying STOP!

There was no fear in my world.

Only potency.

This is NOT ok.

This IS changing... NOW!