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Tips for travel with ease

Have you ever been booked on a flight that was in perpetual delay pattern? What are some tools that can help you get through the frustration of waiting?

Let me illustrate with a story: Back when we could travel more freely, I was waiting to board a flight to Italy and there was a delay that kept being pushed forward… no explanation, just another 30 minutes, then another, and another… I was doing my best to be patient. These are the tools I used:

• IPOV - "Interesting Point of View I have this point of view"

• The mantra of Access, "All of life comes to us with ease, joy & glory!"

Keep repeating these phrases, breathing, and being relaxed and present.

These tools will definitely assist you in passing the time with less anxiety and more ease ... And, there are some other tools that may even change the hold up!

After an hour of waiting and being patient, it hit me-- I wonder if there are entities that I could clear to move this along?! I had heard Shannon O'Hara, creator of Talk to the Entities, speak of this phenomenon with travel. So I ran the entity clearing, and the demon clearing for good measure, and poof! Literally 30 seconds later they announced it was all good to start boarding!

These tools for clearing entities and demons can be learned in the TTTE Introduction.

They are simple, yet very effective in handling a multitude of snafus, not least creating ease with travel. Check out my class schedule if you're interested.

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