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Spirits & Awareness

How many of you are unclear about the mysterious world of spirits/ghosts/entities?

Do you get freaked out? scared? or are you curious? and intrigued?

For some reason, I've always thought it was cool, and over the years I've had many interactions with spirits. For me, using my intuitive/psychic abilities was fun. I'd challenge myself to know stuff. Like knowing who was calling on the phone (before there was caller id), and knowing which elevator was going to open first in a lobby, or when NOT to go somewhere. This spilled over to an ability to talk to ghosts, which surprised me.

I had a very interesting experience communicating with my brother's spirit when my he crossed over after a treacherous motorcycle accident over 25 years ago. Rather than sadness and suffering, I felt total peace and gratitude. He showed me more of my intuitive capacity than I had explored before. I was able to share some of the communication with my family which brought them comfort. (I'll be sharing more about this story in a free Zoom call Aug 5th @ 10am pst, Click here if you're interested in joining.)