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Receiving Gifts

In the gift giving season, how are you at receiving? Is it easy for you to receive a compliment? What about receiving kindness? Gifts? Without the need to reciprocate? How often did gifts come with obligations? As a result have you learned to shy away from being open to receive? Many people have no idea what receiving is. It's actually an energy, and a capacity that we as infinite beings have. Unfortunately most of us have squashed this capacity. True receiving is multidirectional. When you receive, you also gift. For example, a tree receives sun, water and CO2 and simultaneously gifts oxygen, new growth and shade. It has no expectations. It just BEs.

In nature it’s easy to receive. Receive the sun warming your face. Receive the trees gifting you space to drop all your worries. Receive the fresh air to cleanse your body. And t

hen there are the nature spirits showing you magical possibilities… do you receive them as well?

Receiving is the inclusion of everything in your awareness without the judgment of it being categorized as right or wrong, good or bad. It’s being aware. It's being open. It's having no particular point of view about what you are aware of. One of the greatest ways to increase our ability to receive is gifting / receiving an Access Bars session. Coming up in January is Global Access Bars Day, where facilitators all over the world will be hosting gatherings for people to try it out! Receiving Bars sessions will increase your awareness. So a great question to ask is:

What am I aware of? & What am I aware of that I don’t want to know?!

When we don’t want to be aware of something, we resist the awareness, and it often causes discomfort. And overtime the discomfort will build. It eventually becomes a problem that we try to solve by logic … What did I eat? what did I do wrong? what did I miss? Have you tried treating symptoms, but they don’t change? Are you trying to use logic to solve a problem? Unfortunately, logic often doesn’t get you to the root of the problem. And what if it’s not a problem at all? What if it is awareness? Access Bars sessions can create miracles, clear mind chatter, and allow awareness to surface. So many inexplicable body aches, pains and issues end up being not what we think. Sometimes it's an awareness of someone else or something else. And sometimes the aches/pains/stresses are entity awareness signs. When you apply the tools of Access Consciousness, and begin to open to awareness, rather than resisting or burying it, what often occurs is the melting of stress, pain, discomfort, and you begin stepping into a world of inclusion of all energies and All Beings. What would your life be like if you no longer had to use your energy to resist receiving? How much easier would it be on your body? How much greater would your life become? Do you dare find out? I invite you to explore!

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