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Need some untangling?

Many of you know I'm an artist and jeweler with a boutique in Northern California. Lots of people bring in their tangled, knotted necklaces for me to fix. I've always enjoyed untangling things. It takes patience ... and magic.

Recently I've worked on a few pieces that were really intertwined. Some may call it "bad" or "impossible " to undo. Magically they came undone in seconds. It almost seemed unreal. But I realized it's something I do/be. Want to know what it is?!

My magical secret to untangling is SPACE.

What do I mean by space?

Well, have you ever noticed how when you try to figure something out in your mind or focus on it that it doesn't seem to change? That's the opposite of space.

Creating space, being space, begins to loosen up everything. You begin to expand YOU, as well as expand possibilities. Your body relaxes, stress melts, your mind becomes still and clear, and physical things also become untangled. It's magical!

And you are the source of the magic!

Would you like to play with this possibility with me? I've created a FB event called, Don't try to handle it, Expandle it! Starting Dec. 1st for 10 days (approx 10 min/day) we will expand, add space, to any and every problem, issue, or thing you want to change.

Heading into the holidays, what contribution could this be to you? Let's play!

Only $10 for 10 days!

Register here:

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