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Magic. You are it. Be it.

From the book by Gary Douglas: One of the reasons people think they don't have any magic in their lives is because they discount it when it happens.  They think, "I wish I could have ___," and it shows up.  What do they do then?  Do they acknowledge they are creating the magic?  No.  They say, "Oh that was just a coincidence.  That was serendipitous.  It just happened."  They say, "Oh, that was a fortuitous coming together of events that were way beyond my control, and it didn't have anything to do with me."  They throw away the magical truth of it.  Guess how much more magic shows up? Magic is about receiving.  Not controlling events or outcomes. 


Look back over your life and find those times that you thought about something and it showed up for you, magically!  Now, acknowledge that you created it.  It didn't just happen –– you created it... and what else is possible?! This month's Expand Your Reality zoom calls are about unlocking the power of acknowledging, that allows you to step into, and step up, the magical abilities each of you has and can be!  Would you like to increase the magic in your life?  Join us !    Warning: These calls are a deep dive, only choose them if you have the courage and desire to expand your reality.

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