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Letting go

When I heard Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness, talk about letting go of everything that you don’t love, and begin choosing what you'd truly love… I took it to heart. This was many years ago, back in 2004.

I began with letting go of the everyday dishes I didn’t like anymore, and clothing that wasn’t getting worn… and so on. The more I cleared the lighter I felt, and the more I enjoyed being in our home. Once there was space, I could easily sense what I'd love to have in the home and in my life. It felt more peaceful, and thus we could relax easier. Perhaps this was one of the instigating factors in my daughter's proclivity for de-cluttering.

What about the unseen energies, that are hardly perceptible, that are still there impinging on your energy and enjoyment of life? Cluttered thoughts, stuck points of view, and decisions from long ago that you likely have forgotten – these are as potent a distraction as a sink full of dirty dishes, closets full of unwanted clothes, and overflowing recycling bins. It can make you feel tired and unable to keep up, or make any changes, as the energy is so insurmountable. How do you let go of those?

This is one of the reasons why I love to tools of Access so much! POC & POD are referred to as the Super Heroes of Consciousness. POC = point of creation, POD = point of destruction. When we clear our points of view we create space, ease, and presence. You can clear limitations you didn't realize you had!