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How do you decide when you have different choices available?

Do you make a list of pro's and con's ?

Do you feel like there are certain things you can't choose?

Do you try to figure out what's the RIGHT choice?

Do you consider YOU in the equation?

Years ago when I had choices to make, I used to only look at what other people needed. It was always about how to give my kids, partner, parents, grandparents what they desired and required, never about what I wanted.  

Looking at what other people wanted was easy for me.  With 2 young kids my focus was always on meeting their needs first.  So when a friend came over one evening and noticed my stress level, she challenged me with taking one hour a week, just for me.

She walked us over to the calendar and had me choose a day and hour to claim as “my time.”  Writing that first date was a bit of a hurdle for me. She encouraged me to fill in the rest of the month!  “What? I can do that?!  If I do that, what’s that going to create?”  A wave of relief came over my body.

Simply writing down those hours began creating space for me.  As I indulged the idea of choosing this each week, my body began to smile and bubble with joy.

What would it be like to choose for YOU ?

Adding ME into the equation of my choices took some time to institute.  So I thought I'd send along this video with a tool to give you the possibility of having it a little easier.

Tool:  Indulge your choices to get a sense of what that choice will create. 

Just for one day, make a choice and indulge what that would feel like if you were choosing it. A lot of awareness may come up, and just take note: is it expansive or contractive? Then, the next day indulge another choice for 24hrs.  Sense which one feels lighter. For example, choosing to attend a class vs. not attending the class.  When you individually indulge each choice as if you were choosing them for an entire day, you will know which choice will expand your life by sensing the energy. 

With the simple addition of a few tools, choice has become so much easier, more satisfying, and more fun.  

Let me know how this works for you!

xo, Julie

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Boisy Copeland Jr.
Boisy Copeland Jr.
28 ธ.ค. 2564

I say this tool work for me. Definitely let try a choice to see if it expanse or contract. And it work will with the ten seconds increment which is my favorite tool

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