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How do you create magic & possibilities?

Do these come from thinking?

Do they show up when trying to figure it out?

Or trying to get the right answer?

Mostly, no. If that were true, we'd be living totally different lives.

Every answer, or conclusion, locks you into seeing no other possibilities.

Magic & Possibilities are a product of YOU asking questions and being curious! Are you willing to continue asking questions, and are you willing to see what shows up?

"What's wrong with this?” is not a question. It’s a conclusion, with a question mark [?] at the end. Each time you ask a question, that truly is a question, you actually open up awareness to possibilities that did not exist before. True Questions create new possibilities!

Instead of being locked into conclusions, can you can rephrase the previous non-question with, "What's right about this that I'm not getting?" Does this create a new possibility? Be present as you ask. Notice in asking that question, and being with the curiosity, there is a lightness that follows?

That lightness is the magic.

As children we naturally have a continual sense of curiosity and wonder. This reality is all about conclusion. Not only have we been taught to seek the answer, but to get the right answer. So we forgot about the powerful magic in asking questions. Would you like to regain your sense of childlike wonder, where magic and possibilities are created? Please know, you're not wrong for being out of practice... you can begin again!

Is now the time?!

Tool: Ask True Questions We create magic by asking questions, and allowing the Universe to show us new possibilities that we have not yet considered.

Examples of True questions:

•What else is possible? •How does it get any better than this? •Is this mine, someone else's, or something else? •What points of view would I have to let go of for this to change?

Allow the questions to BE. Let them go out into the Universe... and rather than coming to conclusion, look for the possibilities that begin to show up, and continue to live in the question. The more you play in childlike wonder with questions, the more you will create magic and possibilities.

What magic & possibilities would you like to create?

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