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How aware are you?

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

How much of your life has been focused outward, picking up every one else's needs, wants and desires?!  What if that's not bad, or wrong? What if it's a strength?! And what if you added in the awareness of the energy of YOU?!

Getting awareness of YOU: "What is my reality?"

During the month of January I've been practicing the IPOV (last month's tool) as well as facilitating lots of SOP sessions. One common thread that is showing up in every session is the intense awareness of everyone else's reality, not our own.

Have you acknowledged how psychic and aware you are?  What if you could have ease with that awareness? And begin to pay attention to your awareness of YOU...

When you ask, "What is my reality?" you begin to get a sense of the space of you, the infinite being, and the energy YOU BE.

"Your commitment to you and your life, to your awareness, and to your reality is the most powerful source of creation on the planet."

Thanks to IPOV, looking at this truly from the space of allowance has allowed each of us to shift out of the wrongness, and distraction, into the strength of our capacity to perceive.

Placing your attention on your reality allows you to create what you came here to create. Steep yourself in the energy of Being You!

Tool: Ask: "What is my reality? What is their reality? What is my reality?" to get a sense of the difference between your and other people's reality. Always end with "what is MY reality?" so you keep attention on the energy of you.

Let me know what this creates for you?



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