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Do you trust your knowing that the Universe will respond to your asks?

When you ask for something, the Universe will always deliver. It may not look like what you think––in fact, it never seems to show up the way I think!  But it usually shows up greater than what I had originally had in mind.

For example, in looking for a new home I had a list of what I wanted.  There were general elements, like: peaceful, spacious, light filled, space for my chandeliers, etc.  Once I had clarity about my list and what it would feel like to be living in that energy, I looked at properties. Hundreds of properties!  Upon the first step inside (and sometimes even before walking in) my awareness would sense the space and it was, "No." 

No need to justify or reason why it was no, it was just, "nope!"  Didn't match the energy of what I was asking for, and I would not choose it...until I found an energetic match.  

It had been quite a long search.  I began to get a little discouraged.  So I submitted applications for a couple of places that I rationalized could work, although I was half heartedly applying.  They went with someone else.  Relief!

Then I walked into a home where the tenants were in the process of moving out, tons of junk all over the place, difficult to see the space, all of a sudden it was a YES.  So I asked for an application, and got the place.  Easy!  When you follow the energy, doors open.

Then I went into doubt... it's so small, will my furniture fit, what will the kids think... but the underlying energy was so light, that I kept moving in that direction.  Trusting my knowing, even though my thinking mind was fighting. 

Fast forward to 3 days after the move:  everything I really love fits, the kids like it, and although the square footage is smaller, it feels so much more spacious than our previous home.  It is so much more peaceful.  Views of trees and sunshine from every window, and an inviting back yard.  It is greater than I had asked for.

So I am acknowledging my knowing, and following the lightness, choosing, and receiving greater than I had imagined.

Will you do the same?  

  • Will you trust what YOU know? 

  • Will you have patience while the Universe rearranges itself to present possibilities to you? 

  • Will you keep choosing the lightness? 

  • Will you acknowledge that YOU KNOW?!

Tool: Trust your knowing. 

Just go with it, even if it doesn't make logical sense, even if others don't agree, even if it pisses people off.  If you continue to choose to trust YOU, you will strengthen your awareness, and create magic beyond your imagination.

Play with this and let me know what you're creating?!  I love hearing from you.  

Let me know how else I can contribute to you!

xo, Julie

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