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Being pulled down?

How easy is it to be pulled into someone else's story, drama, or upset? The strongest emotion in the room usually (automatically and magnetically) pulls everyone else down the rabbit hole. It happens so quickly, that unless we are steadfast in what we are choosing, down the rabbit hole we go! Sometimes it happens because we are in resistance, sometimes because we buy into the story. Either way, we lose awareness of our own CHOICE. As we use the tools of Access Consciousness to build our muscles of awareness and choice, we can begin to walk through all kinds of emotional storms un-phased. Even greater than that, we can begin to magnetically pull people out of their upset and into possibilities! -- Like a lighthouse that shines through stormy and calm nights alike, remaining the tall, glimmering light of possibilities. When the light shines in, it dissolves the darkness. TOOL: Be a lighthouse of Possibilities Expand! Then ask, "What space can I be to expand possibilities for me and everyone else?" When we are strong & clear with our own energy, we won't be swayed by lies and upsets. And others may wonder why you're not at the effect... which causes them to let go of the upset. Be the lighthouse! Practice expanding on your own, in a group, or watch some of my expanding exercise videos on YouTube. The time and energy you put into building your muscle of awareness and choice will be more than worth the effort!

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