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Awareness of Future

There is a connection between our awareness of future and our ability to create with ease, joy and glory.

How far in the future do you tend to look?

For many people, it's a month. Your regular billing cycle. Rent/Mortgage, bills etc. that you know you will need to create for the next 30 days.

For many politicians, it's a term. The next election, 2-4 years. Things they need to put in place before the election to remain in office.

In an amazing conversation between Dain and Simone talking about expanding awareness further into the future, we began to see how much greater that could create for each of us, our bodies, our finances... as well as the Earth. Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon.

If you have 10,000 years as a perspective, you can't think about, linearize, nor solidify something. Thinking and linearizing actually kills our creations, because we are no longer following the energy, the whispers of possibility.

When we try to figure something out with our mind, and try to do the right thing, not the wrong thing, we are in a constant state of judgement, and as a result disconnect from our awareness of the energy.

What if instead, we played with expanding our awareness out further than our comfort zone? Further than what our minds could compute?

Previously I have shared the question, "if I choose this _____ what would my life be like in 5 years?" This is a beginning step to expanding your awareness into the future. Would you be willing to take it a leap further? To 10,000 years?

Ask, "What beyond this reality Energy, Space, Consciousness, and Choice can I Be to contribute to the actualization of a sustainable living Earth for the next 10,000 years with total ease?"

What if asking this question would create a greater sense of connection? And a greater sense of fulfillment? Let's see what occurs as you play with this Tool of the Month!

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