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Are you having the fulfillment you truly desire in your relationships?

Are you having the fulfillment you truly desire in your relationships? All of your relationships?

I spent the holiday weekend with my daughter and had some really interesting awarenesses come up. While we have ease and space being with each other, there are still parts of myself that I'm cutting off while hanging out together.

In the middle of the 3 day weekend, 4th of July, after a beautiful hike on Mt. Tam, after lunch and a short nap, she was complaining about being bored. It was like nothing that I could come up with for us to do together would fulfill what she was lacking.

Then it hit me, why am I trying to fulfill something for her? We are the only ones that know what we really desire. We can't expect someone else to fulfill that. How much do we need to cut off of ourselves to make this our primary target?

So we talked about it. I mentioned that there are lots of things I'd be doing if I was by myself, or with my friends, that she doesn't want to do. And she said the same was true of herself. So what are we doing? Then we changed it. We both chose what works for us, not in reaction from, but by choice of what would be fun.

How much do you focus on your partner, your kids, your parents, etc, and lose awareness of what would bring You joy?

What else is possible?

• What would it be like to include You in your choices? • Have you forgotten what you truly desire? • Do you always put others first?

What would Finding YOUR Sparkle create in your life... and in the world?

Every time I dive into the tools in this area I uncover more of me... and I get happier.

Consider joining an upcoming Finding Your Sparkle 3 part Zoom series, and begin the process of discovering what brings you joy.

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