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Are decisions limiting your receiving?

This morning when I was leaving home for work, I felt a little energetic tug... as if to remind me that I was forgetting something.

Rather than go into question, "am I forgetting something?" or "what is this awareness?", I decided I had everything I needed... and disregarded the awareness. But when I got into my car, I realized I didn't have my keys!


Had I gone into question in that moment, that little tickle, the energetic tug, would have become the awareness that my keys were telling me to come get them. I often listen for the energetic whispers of things, as they make my life easier.

Today I was a little rushed. Pondering what to speak about for my Monday morning Expanding exercise that I facilitate every week, I was in my head, rather than listening to the energetic whispers. It's cool. We all do that. So, rather than judge myself that I'm in my head and disregarded the cue, I looked at it and asked for more awareness.

What else have I decided that keeps me from receiving?

What would it take to be more present and truly be in the question today?

As I drove to a location where I would film my video, I had about 15 minutes before the start time. Would I have time to get an espresso? Question. Pause... awareness... Yes!

So I ordered my espresso, walked over to a quiet space near the library, and had plenty of time to set up for the video. I wondered, "What else could I receive if I truly were in question today?" Then my eyes fell upon some money on the road... what else is possible?! These are simple, every day examples, that can lead to even greater awareness for more receiving in your life.

Decisions limit awareness. They limit every other possibility than what the infinite universe can deliver. And they trigger other limitations, like judgments, conclusions and computations. In Access we call them DJCC's, and we clear them all at the same time.

To clear Decisions, Judgments, Conclusions and Computations (or DJCC's) ask:

"What DJCC's am I using to limit the receiving I am choosing?" and then destroy and uncreate everything that brings up, "Right & Wrong, Good & Bad, POD & POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys, and Beyonds."

(Info on The Clearing Statement)

I wonder what would be possible for you to receive if you started clearing decisions, judgments, conclusions and computations?

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