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Symphony Sessions

Science says that Energy is the basis of all things. 

Change the energy, and you change realities--physical, mental and emotional. 


In these magical Symphony of Possibilities (SOP) sessions, I play with the energies, melting stuck places, and expanding others, to create miraculous sparkling change in your life and future living.​ This can be done at any distance, over the phone, Zoom, or in person. Most people would call this Energy Healing, however we are  empowering you to let go of stuck energies and heal yourself.

*Purchase your mini SOP session, and then schedule your desired date/time.

(A mini SOP session is 15-20 min.) You may also select a package of 5 sessions, and schedule as desired. No expiration date.

**Meet from anywhere in the world online with Zoom.

***Receive the recording for review and deeper clearing.

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