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Ways to find your "Happy"

Spring is sprung! The sun is shining! New beginnings are popping up in happy blossoms... are you perceiving the possibilities?!

Sometimes, despite the beauty in nature and the birds singing gleefully, we can feel stuck, limited, depressed, etc. We go looking outside for something that will make us happy. What if happy is accessed in a different way?

Watch my friend Dr. Dain on TV yesterday, talking about ways to find your "Happy."

Dain's recap:

1. Understand that happiness is a choice.

2. Realize that being happy does not make you selfish.

3.Choose things that bring you joy everyday.

4. Move your body.

I remember when I first found Access Consciousness, I had no idea of what I could choose that would be fun for me or bring me joy. If someone asked what would I like to do that would be fun, I'd go blank. I had long given up choosing for me, in favor of trying to please others. Have you done that too?

In receiving Access Bars, the sparks of what would be fun for me started to show up. Receiving a Bars session is one of the most nurturing, relaxing, mind-clearing, experiences... that always leads to more joy, more possibilities, and more happy!

Would you like to try a session, or better yet, learn how to do it? There are Bars Workshops all over the world as well as a video course. If the possibility sparks joy in you, perhaps you could find one that would be fun for you to attend.

Whatever your particular situation, please know that you have choice. You can choose to be happy, or not, and choose again. What if nothing was right? And nothing was wrong? What would you choose? What ripples of change could you create in the world simply by choosing what's joyful for YOU?

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