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All of life comes to me with ease, joy, and glory!

14 Days of EXPANDING

During the quarantine, do you feel contracted, stressed, anxious, overwhelmed by all the chaos in the world? 

One of the most effective tools to create the antidote of the stresses in life, is expanding your being.  However it's not the easiest muscle to build!  

When we expand together it is so much easier to perceive the energy, and build your own muscle of being infinite.

Join in 14 days of expanding exercises with facilitator Julie Tuton!  We'll follow up this series with a Zoom call.

When: Beginning March 18 @ 9am pst, approx 5-10 minutes for 14 days

Where: Online in Private Facebook Group

Cost: $48 for the series


To join the 14 day series:

1. Click the PayPal "BuyNow" button,

then you will be directed

to the private Facebook group.

2. Make sure you are FB friends with Julie Tuton,

and "Like" her Julie Tuton Energy page.

You will be added to the private group!